Based in Bellevue, our customers use different book styles for their projects that include educational books, reports, directories, workbooks and other documents.  We produce many book types to support these different needs including saddle stitching, plastic coil, wire-o (double loop) and perfect binding.  While many of our jobs are planned months in advance, we can also meet quick-printing timelines.


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Common book-binding styles include the following:

Saddle Stitching. Saddle stitching provides the simplest and most cost-effective book binding solution. Sheets of paper are nested and folded in half and stapled on the seam. This works well for books with few pages but can also handle medium-size books. The result is sturdy, attractive and highly cost-effective.

Plastic Coil (Coil Binding). Plastic coil provides both form and function and can be used for virtually any size book. Plastic coil comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and is a cost-effective way to add a professional touch.

Wire-O (Double Loop). Wire-O (Double Loop) style of wire binding provides a highly effective and affordable binding option for a wide range of document types with virtually any book size. It comes in several different colors and sizes.

Perfect Binding. Perfect binding is the binding type used in paperback book production where the pages are glued in to the bind.  It is a professional look and can be used on books with medium and large page-counts.

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“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”  
Archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Desmond Tutu

As Bellevue’s largest commercial printer, we are in a unique position to participate in the movement toward racial equality.  My family and I have discussed several paths and have decided on the simple notion of printing signs that highlight several remarkable black Americans.  We did not author these words but found them inspiring and wanted to share them.

We will accept orders (1 item per person) over the next ten days and are giving a maximum of $10,000 worth of these signs away for free.  If you receive one, our only request is that you use it.

We ask that you order in advance and pick-up these signs at our shop in Bellevue.  We will email you when your sign is ready. 


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